At Chrysalis Media, we are dedicated to helping small businesses attract new customers, build lasting relationships with clients, achieve goals, and realise potential.

Is Your Business Crawling?

Marketing in the digital age can be a challenge for many small business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. You may very well feel like this little fella, making progress but not moving as fast as you would like. You’re crawling along steadily now, but you know that, with a little time and energy, and the right tools and guidance, you could really fly!

Our process is just like that of the chrysalis. First, we incubate. We analyse and audit your website and social media and provide you with ideas and steps you can take to make sure your customers can find you, and get what they need to do business with you quickly and easily. We teach you how to create buzz about your business through messaging and engagement that is consistent with your brand and relevant to your customers. And we help you set and meet goals for customer attraction and retention. We can even help you create an entirely new brand.

Take Flight Butterfly

However, if your business is making more money than it can spend, and you have all the customers you can handle, then thanks for stopping by. In recompense for the time you spent with us today, we invite you to watch this delightful video of a hamster eating a tiny plate of spaghetti. Enjoy!

Your business will emerge from this cocoon a social butterfly, ready to take flight and soar above the competition. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, get more people in the door, and sell more products and services, then we are here to help at a price every business can afford. Check out our services and see what package is right for you.