Take Flight Butterfly

Take Flight!

So now you have taken stock of your digital identity, set clear and achievable goals, and implemented a sound marketing strategy. Now what? How do you keep that momentum and take flight?


Chrysalis Media can provide you with tools to take charge of your own messaging and communications, and show you how to measure the success of your marketing efforts, and continue to grow your customer base and build strong client relationships. Just a few of the services we can offer:

  • Teach you how to collect and manage customer data

  • Help you set up an e-newsletter to engage with your customers and build relationships

  • Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

  • Train you in setting up and reading Google Analytics

  • Help you create digital ads on your customer's favourite social media platforms

  • Show you how to set up and use retargeting ads

  • Create a brand new Wix website catered to your business

  • Tutor you in Wix website management

  • Full service Search Engine Optimzation

  • And much more...

Every business has unique needs. Let Chrysalis Media help you identify your specific needs, based on your goals. We have packages available for every size of business. Contact us today.